Apple has been sued by CISCO Systems

We all recently discovered a new variant of IPhone named as IPhone X and already discussed why Apple launched IPhone X instead of IPhone 9. Analysts have suggested that the starting supply for IPhone X would be two or three million units. However, it has to be considered by readers that IPhone 6 had actually sold Ten million phones in its first week of initial release. It has also been reported that company is having production problems with IPhone X, where main bottleneck are the key components like facial recognition device installed in latest Apple flagship. Despite all this production and supply problems Apple did make the mark by selling out all the units in 10 minutes after being available for Preorder on Friday.

Being an Apple fan it is also worth considering a weird thing that has been faced by the company. Yes this is right that the smartphone giant had faced legal obligation for using the name “IPhone” when launching its first phone. It was then turned out that Cisco had already trademarked the word IPhone for a phone it had launched just 22 days before the first Apple’s phone has been landed on to the market. Later it was revealed that both the companies have settled the case with both keeping the rights for word IPhone.

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