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Black women truckers

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Black women truckers

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Kristi L. Jackson is the co-owner of October Fourth Holdings L. This holding company provides trucking and moving services for supplies and bulk materials. Jackson, along with her co-founder, Kevin Muhammad, runs one of the very few black-owned trucking companies. October Fourth Holdings is based in Houston.

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Please let this community know if you take me up on the idea about YouTube videos once you start driving.

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When I put "female truck drivers" in the search box, I found a video about a black female driver. She seemed to love her job and seemed pretty confident as well. She has even done work with The White House. In fact, that's the reason I searched for videos about the lady mentioned above in the first place!

Some are in their seventies; others are in their twenties. Kristi L.

I am a half black/half white female and I have. Including me! Although women only comprise 5. So, inI set out to create what I needed. Some have been driving for decades, others are newcomers to the industry. I did not want to attend another event and leave without tangible business knowledge that could grow my business, make it more profitable, and teach me skills. She comments, "People fall in love with the outcome, but try to avoid all the work involved.

Regarding her trucking company, which by the way is looking to hire new drivers, she comments, "We are growing our fleet. No joke! Sure some people might be thinking racist thoughts but if they are smart they know that it isn't very wise to make blatant racist comments these days, so you might not notice it directly.

October Fourth Holdings is based in Houston. As truckers blaack aging out, the industry is pursuing its newest labor pool - African-‚ÄčAmerican woman eager to take to the road in the big rigs. She is also the founder of the Woman CEO Projecta global think tank and business development company built specifically for women entrepreneurs.

This business requires a lot and we are up for the challenge.

A black female

However, my closest friends are full black and they seem to have similar experiences in the way of people being polite and respectful even IF they ARE racist. Kristi L. I am sure that a lot of people would be interested in watching videos about a black, female, truck driver. I am just getting started with mine but I am very excited and I am sure you are too. These women come from all parts of the country, as well as Canada.

A few had children or husbands in tow, while others came solo. I can't remember what her name was blacl what the link was on YouTube at the moment, but if I find it I can post it here. Jackson is the co-owner of October Fourth Holdings L.

They partner with schools to pre-qualify, train, and place new drivers with carriers. This organization hosts over 40 business courses every year. As a Black woman that owns a trucking company, Kristi is making history and further solidifying what many federal statistics have already.

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Instead, look up YouTube videos about female truck drivers. I am not sure if you are aware, but you can get paid for ing YouTube videos on a regular basis if you gather a following. I won't go into details because this is a very controversial topic but my blaco is that, in my opinion, it seems that people these days are much less likely to publicly discriminate against someone for being black. Kristi is originally from Alexandria, Louisiana but now resides in Houston, Texas where she runs her company.

I will look for the video I mentioned and post it here when I truckerrs it. Jackson is the co-owner of one of very few Black-owned trucking companies based in Houston, Texas.

My question is in the trucking industry will I have to deal with alot of racial discrimination? And this is even more remarkable when considered in the context of the crippling driver shortage. With 30, current vacancies and a predicted shortage ofdrivers byCDL schools, carriers, trucking associations, and more are all scrambling for solutions. This means changing recruiting methods, messaging, and branding. One group that has become more visible is female African-American drivers.

Don't take my word for it though. The organization hosts over 40 business courses every year.

Well certainly hope not! Well certainly hope not! The event allows these women to meet one another and to enjoy the acknowledgement they receive for their service as professional drivers. One last thing This holding company provides trucking and moving services for supplies and bulk materials.

Meet the black woman driving success with her trucking company

However, that could be changing. I searched and searched and could not find the right fit, the right community, or the right mix of business lessons in any organization. Jackson, along with her co-founder, Kevin Muhammad, runs one of the very few black-owned trucking companies. Now a little over five percent of drivers are women, and while this is a lowthe trend is encouraging. You know, life in the U. Some wore heels, others were in fatigues, but, surprisingly, most were women.

White and Latino men still comprise the majority of truckers and we certainly must continue to build bridges into these communities. Recently, Women In Trucking Association partnered with an organization called WorkAmerica, whose mission is to put Americans back to work with a new approach to recruiting and training. Well, good luck in your trucking career.