Bluetooth Mouse Vs Wireless Mouse


Difference Between Bluetooth And Wireless Mouse:

Wireless mouse consists of two categories such as Bluetooth mouse and Radio-frequency (RF) mouse. Both types of mouse have some pros and cons that a user may face while performing daily tasks such as internet, browsing, gaming and office work. Radio-frequency (RF) mouse is dependent on USB dongle to establish connection to PC. However, Bluetooth mouse does not require any extension to connect to PC or a laptop. It only needs Bluetooth receiver on a PC to connect.

Compatibility And Portability With Various Computers:

In this regard RF mouse takes a lead as all the laptops/ PC’s have USB port whereas all these may not necessarily have Bluetooth receiver. Although easy portability makes RF mouse an easy choice but one hassle that these mouse have is the need to carry USB dongle which if misplaced makes the mouse useless.


Radio-frequency (RF) mouse is more economical as compared to Bluetooth mouse. As RF mouse are easily available under $5 whereas Bluetooth mouse are much expensive as their price generally start from $20 and goes up which makes these mouse the second choice considering the cash available.


Plug n Play:

Bluetooth mouse require one time setup to connect your mouse with the laptop. But they still require some basic understanding about how to connect the mouse to PC, especially when the person is the occasional user of computer and possess less knowledge about technology. Considering this drawback of Bluetooth technology RF mouse wins this race as they are plug n play devices. Just plug the dongle to the PC, the system automatically installs the device and you are ready to go.


Since these mouse have less demand due to limited compatibility and higher price tag, therefore they are less produced by mouse manufacturing companies. In any online shopping website the proportion of Bluetooth mouse is generally 5% to 10% as compared to RF mouse stock. Therefore, even if you are committed to buy Bluetooth mouse you will find very limited options to choose from. Apart from famous brands, RF mouse are usually also produced by many Chinese manufacturing making them cheap. Therefore, all the companies which manufactures Bluetooth mouse generally produces RF mouse as well. Below mentioned is the list of companies that manufactures Bluetooth mouse:

  • Logitech
  • A4 Tech
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Lenovo
  • Genius
  • Targus
  • HP

The above list is not complete, there might be other companies as well that can be a part of this list.

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