How to Control PC With Your Android Phone


This is becoming increasingly important to control your PC from your android smartphone via internet connection as you may come across the situation when you want to install an important software or fix any issue to your work PC but at the same time you are in hurry to perform some outdoor tasks requiring you to leave the PC unattended. This is also important when your friend need your help to configure his/ her PC over the air using WiFi connection.

Applications to control the PC:

Now in order to tackle with this scenario, there are multiple software that can help in this regard and that connects your smartphone with your PC via internet connection to control. These are Teamviewer and Anydesk. Now we will discuss here Teamviewer in detail:


is an application or tool that can be used to establish remote connection from your smartphone to PC or from your PC to PC. By establishing connection you can provide real time help, transfer files from between two connections and at the same time you can chat that will make the support process much efficient.

Now this does not end here. There also exist another feature that you can also get remote access from your PC to your smartphone. In this way you can control your android smartphone with your PC. This is particularly important when you want to transfer some data from your PC to your smartphone and want to avoid the hassle of finding the data cable for connecting the PC to mobile for transferring the file.

Supported Operating Systems:

Now if you are the non-windows or non-android user, still you don’t have to worry about as Teamviewer is not only for android and windows users. It has compatible applications that will support below mentioned operating systems as well:

  • Mac/ Apple operating system.
  • Linux.
  • Chrome OS.
  • Blackberry.

Download Links:

So what are you waiting, make your life easy by downloading the apps from the following websites:



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