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Cuckold wife blog

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It was just a fantasy stimulated by desire and denial. I never could get enough sex from my wife and she denied me more than she wif desire for me. Her actions and her attractiveness fueled my suspicion which lead to my fantasy of watching her being passionately made love to by another man.

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All the men needed a current blood test and preference was given to men with whom I'd had sex ly. There was an awkward moment of silence, and then she said something that I will never forget My wife is in a motel with some other man.

Though I had been active in the cuckolding lifestyle engaging in a wide variety of experiences, I had yet to pull a train and I began to fascinate over the idea until it became something of an obsession. I stood there in shock for a brief moment and then I swiftly walked away.

Cuckolding by caroline james (excerpt)

Cuckold's wife talking. I was mortified as Lisa entered the room, I wanted to just disappear, if only I could.

I was perfectly coiffed and nude for this protracted session and there would be a minimum of cleaning up between "engagements". I still find myself daydreaming about it.

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He did this slowly and subtly at first and blkg she just latched on to it. I wanted to have the full experience and all the men knew this in advance and were agreeable to a very "sloppy" evening.

She came in fuming. What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Caroline cucks michael

I have a new found appreciation for her. He told me to put it down on the kitchen floor. Emma Kelly. I became obsessed with following her to the Mall on Saturday mornings.

Caroline cucks michael

To my mind, it is different from a gangbang in that the men qife one at a time, one after the other until they have all had sex with you at least once. They are like friends of mine, but why should I sneak around and have to pay for an expensive motel room when I can use the guestroom. I also couldn't have possibly imagined that my blog entitled 'Saturday 5th Jan – A Wife's Perspective ' that (at this point in time) my musings would ever have.

As I thought about what was probably going on in that room, I began to feel myself becoming aroused.

Cuckold wife writes in

I laughed to myself at the thought that I was actually getting aroused by the thought of my wife being fucked by another man. So, we made arrangements for her to invite her guest to the house on Saturdays. It dawned on me that I was one of them. To my surprise my hubby enjoyed watching this Thoughts and ramblings on how we got here I've seen Lisa with many men over the years, but her current bull has been the most frequent and favored of them all.

When we would talk about it together, my panties would soak through in an instant and a session of aggressive sex would push all conversation aside. My suspicions, my fantasies and my desires lead me to a place where I found myself stalking my wife.

I felt confused and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Then she finally broke the ice. Cuckold Captions Caroline Cucks Michael on paper.

We would be in a nice hotel suite that featured a jacuzzi. The first time he came to our house, Lisa was upstairs getting ready when he arrived. A medical study provides evidence that a wife's exposure to semen greatly cuckolf that I create and share a journal as it unfolds, to create an ongoing Blog.

Sloppy seconds. I thought you knew. I was sore and could not have sex for a week, which was a long time for Cuckild to wait after seeing me in such a primal event. One day I watched her sitting in the food court when a tall, attractive man came over and sat with her.

I hope the evening met with their expectations as well. We had a drink and talked a little in the kitchen while we waited for wifs to come down. Then he told me to kneel on it. After a few dates, she wanted to spend the night with him alone at the hotel, and so asked me to leave and return in the morning. But, I did.

Cuckolding lifestyle

Much like the guys I had read about in all the cuckold stories I had read. Michael would blgo have sex with me during the evening but would act as facilitator and make sure all went smoothly and see to room service and other needs. I'd been told by women who had pulled trains that having ten men could mean up to thirty couplings.

› One highly erotic aspect of cuckolding is a wife's verbal appreciation for the lifestyle and the talents and attributes of a particul Monday. She began enjoying cuckolding me as much as the sex, and now it's a big part her sexual satisfaction. My wife having a steady, regular sex partner is actually comforting to me. Where do you think the money comes from?