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Dont you dare be sour

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Dont you dare be sour

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Formed inthey are best known for their memetic promos talk segmentsinternet references and bizarre antics in the world of WWE.

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A brief reminder that in the lead up to each yearly release many fake "Leak" videos get created.

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Self Promotion Saturdays Youtube content creator? DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR!


Twitch streamer? The New Day - *DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR!* Like us on Facebook! Posted: May 21, As of 20th Julythey are donr officially the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, clocking in at days, and Kingston is the longest reigning tag champion from all combined reigns, including his teams. Formed in yku, they are best known for their memetic promos talk segmentsinternet references and bizarre antics in the world of WWE.

Watch big e do the new day entrance shout from backstage

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Save. The New Day have amassed a strong following online in wrestling fandom and through their social media activities.

Just ask and anyone can step in to help. Saturday is your day!

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