Four Fastest Cryptocurrencies To Use Them For Transfer

Transferring bitcoin between different exchanges is the most important part of people dealing in cryptocurrencies. Many people have often complained about lengthy time periods for transfer of bitcoin and as the Crypto market is highly volatile, leading to increase/decrease in value of currency between the transfer time. It might stop your breath for a while if you invested lot of money and you unable to see it for a while.

Here are Four other Alternates to Bitcoin which will make your life easier.


Ripple is fastest among all of them a it generates a block in less then 4 seconds. Further more it has very less fees as well which makes it even better. It have a lot recent development and big transfering services like Moneygram and western union had contract with them.

XLM Steller

XLM uses same technology like Ripple and manage by IBM. It have fastest transfer time and cheap and reliable as it have high trade volume in big exchanges like Binance.


LTC is almost on every exchange and it generates nearly 3 to 4 times faster block time than Bitcoin. Further its transfer fee is cheaper and it also remains stable. It trade in big volume and would be reliable to use as to transfer between exchance


Ethereum is also another alternate to Bitcoin and is cheaper and more faster than Bitcoin. Currently Ethereum use as base currency to exchange between exchanges and use for shopping. It have already lot of development and have lot of services like wallet to use as alternative to local currency.

You could use Binance to exchange or could use for shopping.


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