How to fix OpenGL Error in Windows 10

What is openGL Error?

OpenGL stands for the Open Graphics Library. It is the framework that help to give out put of graphics or you can say render graphic for games and other software in advance way. It can be very disturbing if you updated the windows after taking lot of time and after he is trying to spend his leisure time by Playing games, also it can effect your work, as it is related to both Games and Videos. Windows users faces the issue most of the time as openGL’s API tends to issue the new version of the GPU Drivers.

Lack of up-to-date GPU Driver is most likely to causes the issue, specially if you have recently switched to Windows 10. You may face the openGL error every now and then. So, if you want to run your favorite Games and Videos smoothly in Windows 10 as it had been in Previous versions of Windows, you need an updated Driver for your Graphic card. Here is a Fix for openGL error: Remove display drivers and reinstall the latest version.

Easy Steps to Fix OpenGL Error for Windows 10: 

  • Removing the Display Driver:

  1.  Go to ‘this PC’ or ‘My Computer’.
  2. In this PC menu, right click and go to Properties
  3. In the Properties menu, Click on ‘Device Manager’.
  4. In Device Manager menu, drag down ‘Display adapters’
  5. Select the GPU whose Driver you need to Remove or Reinstall, Right Click  on it then click on Uninstall
  6. After Uninstalling the Driver, You need to Restart Your Computer.

Get The Latest Display Driver For Your GPU Card:

  1. After Restarting the computer, go to your graphic card manufacturer’s website and find the latest drivers for your graphic card model. You can use auto detect application to find the missing driver.
  2. Install the Driver and check if the the problem is resolved.

Manually updating the Display Driver puts your computer on high risk, the desired results cannot be achieved as well as some of the other applications may stop working so please make sure you are downloading and installing the correct driver as per the requirement of GPU card model.

You can use option in device manager to use option update driver software that will help auto find and update driver by windows automatically if available.

Some Common Issues with OpenGL

An issue can be faced that if the driver you have installed is not compatible with the hardware of your device. This mainly happens if you are using an older device.

For instance, Windows users who have an NVIDIA GPU and who want to use applications or video games that require OpenGL 4.6 won’t be able to do that if they are running a 32-bit operating system. That’s because the 397.31 NVIDIA GeForce drivers no longer offer support for 32-bit operating systems.

In this situation, you will have to look for a GPU card that supports 32-bit operating software.

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