How To Take Partial Screenshot On Windows 10


You have heard or probably know the general option in windows to take screenshot of the PC or laptop by pressing FN + Print Screen button or by just pressing Print Screen button available in almost all the keyboards. But a drawback of this option is that it takes all Full Screen Shot which is not necessary most of the times. This is the situation when you don’t want to display to the readers or learners to observe what has been running on your PC when you are designing your training. So, in order to crop this Full Screen Shot you will likely use Paint for displaying only those parts of the screen that are relevant for the readers.

In order to capture partial screen shot windows has already introduced a software naming Snipping Tool that provides 3 additional ways to capture the screen shot apart from Full Screen Shot. These options are:

1. Free Form Snip

This is a method of snipping where you can freely select any part of the screen using the pencil type tool that only captures the circle, part or any free form part of the screen you draw with pencil tool.


2. Rectangle Snip

This snip captures the screen in the rectangular form of the area you selected. The image has been blurred because it has been taken from the same blog.


3. Window Snip

This is the tool that only captures the opened window and removes the taskbar from the screen.

Now you are thinking that there comes another hassle of opening this Snipping Tool in another step. There is also the problem to reduce this step (in another blog) where you can decide a shortcut key for opening Snipping Tool application. The link to that blog is:

Now after finding this built in feature of Windows, your problem of partial screenshot has been resolved. Remember this app does not require the saving of the screenshot, you can just take the partial screenshot and paste into any window.

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