Optimize Your Website Revenue With High Paying Adsense Alternatives

Adsense is usually use by website owners and bloggers. However you might not be getting enough revenue or you might be thinking to increase it more with same user. There are few website that are providing service to optimize and show advertising through their app to get more revenue. Below are some from the list.


Ezoic is the oldest and have better system in term of customizing the ads and reviewing analytics. They have more network and its easy to integrate. You will need just 10000 to apply. To apply click here.


Mediavine is currently the hot advertising management service helped webmaster to increase their revenue through ad placements, more ads inventory from other networks and premium ads from google adsense. According to reviews from publishers that their revenue got double after using Mediavine from google Adsense.


AdThrive is another option but you need to have more visitors to apply to adthrive. They are comparable to Mediavine and you will get almost same CPC as Mediavine.



These are some options that I tried and you could share more. I hope these option will help you to earn more.


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