Ornn The New league League Of Legends Champion Guide

ornn the league of legends champion

Ornn is the latest champion included in the league of legends. Its a tank type champion. If u are looking for stunned that slowing effects in team fights then it will come very handy. Ornn,s ultimate is very effective in team fights and it is skill attack that means you are able to hit twice by reflecting it. It can stunned him for some seconds or slowed them also if your teammate also uses his stunned then the time of stunned will increase a lot.

One of the main features of ornn is it gives his teammate an extra item which can give extra advantage at the end when everyone have full items not only that as improving an item cost by 1000 coins even if  you buying early it prove very effective and gives boost from start. The only problem is there are limited amount of items and could own cannot be upgraded and that’s all from for now.

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