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The project described in this article is a small-scale, Scottish-based study which in many ways echoes the findings of such work. There is, for example, a strikingly close correspondence between the way in which the young London women interviewed by Cowie and Lees in the early and mids talk about reputation and the discourses which were employed by the young Scottish women I interviewed during see Lees, Sexual reputation was a major concern for most of the young women in the Scottish study. Although at first women made disclaimers such as "It's a democratic country, it is up to you what you do" or "I don't care what people call me," further exploration uncovered the importance of sexual reputation both to them personally and within their social network in general: both at school and at college and in the work place.

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There's a lot of them like to try it on as well - and you've got to learn to take it, but not serious. Why Madonna is not a slag - sexually attractive but powerful Madonna "flaunts her body" and drives through Detroit pulling men into her limousine for random, anonymous, loveless sex, but, women said, she is not a slag because she is getting her own way.

Young women lack a coherent vocabulary for describing the multilayered experiences recounted in this article - terms such as "slag" fill some of those gaps. Retrieved 14 November slavs Where Madonna emerges unscathed from a variety of sexual adventures, young women in real life are left counting the cost. This, in turn, coexisted with a third definition of the slag as "she who allows herself to be used.

An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the. The Slags' eating frequently follows a night of binge drinking, and the circumstances of the sex or the partner in question are rarely an issue - they have been.

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The slag or slut cannot depend on "respect" or "love;" she will, therefore, be treated "as if she's just there to be used, as if she's just a slagx. However, it was rare for a woman to class herself or any of her friends as "slags" in any straightforward way. I love coming. I love making eyes at strangers across dark rooms.

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Drawn from fragto slag something is to destroy it, used in cases of technological rather then biological items. I just lay sdx and felt dead worthless.

As she slahs, "In a way we ruined his reputation. 1. Although geographical mobility, class position, and academic achievement may somewhat lessen the importance of sexual reputation for college students, it is by no means redundant. Although both of the Slags are somewhat stupid - albeit good-natured - nymphomaniacsTray is marginally more intelligent and literate than San, who is marginally more nymphomaniacal than Tray.

For example, a "classy" prostitute - "the kind who sits in posh hotels with her mobile phone and a nice hair-do" -was not defined as a slag because she is not "cheap" and "she is using men just as much as vice versa.

Where young women are victims of rumour and name-calling, circumscribed by images not of their own making, Madonna insists that she is her own "image-creator": Where young women are in "cultural-bondage" to the meanings imposed on their clothing and their bodies, Madonna seems to be able to disregard or even invert traditional symbols and rip them out of context whether the symbol is the crucifix, the bodice, or the bra.

Such an emphasis may well undermine the stigmatising power of the stereotyped slut described in the opening section of this article; what it will not do, however, is address young women's rejection and dismissal of women who "allow them-selves to be used.

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For a start it was very likely that, at some time or other, someone would accuse them of being a slag, if only as a joke. However, Madonna is a fantasy figure, not a reflection of reality. It also obfuscates the mechanisms which disempower women within heterosexuality, but it provides a label for aspects of female existence that these women were struggling to understand and define. Most of the young women I interviewed were well aware that reputation was a social construction: "Nobody in the world is really a slag.

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Their day-to-day experience provided them with ample evidence of the price to pay for "getting a reputation. The explicitly violent rape attempt was interrupted by her best friend, and the boy was thrown out of the house. She draws on a familiar slaggs sexual vocabulary, plays with traditional sexual roles, swaps wex at will, and apparently emerges triumphant and unscathed. In spite of such understandings the consequences of "getting a reputation" remain.

The single failed to enter the UK Singles Chart. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

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The personae of 'the slag" is in fact so useful in maintaining this heterosexual economy that if she did not exist she would have to be invented and in a way, of course, she has been. Retrieved 16 November That's a weird feeling We got into an argument — she started saying I was acting like a woman.

From my point of view it's trying to get the balance. There is little mainstream public discussion which explores the operation of power within heterosexual relationships in ways which neither ignore social structures nor dismiss women's choices and agency. It's The Fat Slags.

She was engaging in anal sex with him and bondage, and they were reading pornography together. By contrast they felt that there was no danger at all that they might be a "lessie. As Lees points out a constant sliding occurs between slag as a term of joking, as bitchy sslags, as a threat and as a label" Lees,p. Rubbish that is not worth the time or effort skags paying attention to it, but none the less draws one in.

Poor them, I thought.

Although neither Slag has ever refused alcoholic refreshment in any setting, their favourite place to tipple is the "Dog and Hammer" pub, somewhere in Fulchester. It attacks "victim feminism" for promoting alags female identity "spinning [. Most of these young women knew what it was to be pressurised or tricked into sex: "He was a right patter-merchant, he told me all these lies, I felt really tarty for falling for it.

She "vamps" around in wigs and masks and swaps roles when ever it pleases her - playing now virgin, now whore, behaving like a tart and calling herself "Madonna.

Their run-down slaggs - with slats floor-level collection of alcohol cans, takeaway containers and cigarette butts - is at 22, Shit Street, Fulchester, which once featured as a porcelain model marketed by Viz in parody of products such as those of Franklin Mint. Estate Slags: The Collected Jamie Giles, Volume Six (Rough Sex Stories) - Kindle edition by Giles, Jamie.

Indeed, "feeling like a slag" was often used as a metaphor to describe negative experiences.

When she returned to school some of the other boys called her names, but the girls united behind her - told the boys to shut up and managed to ensure that her attacker was unwelcome at subsequent parties. The world which young women described in interview was a world in which "slag" had very real meaning. These factors, combined with Tray's more dominant personality, make Tray the leader and San the follower in their adventures. The b-side was a track called "Dance of the Handbags Oh Lordy!

She had gone out with a university student while she was still only She is "the triumphant slut who challenged the derogatory meaning of the word" Lees,p. The pervasiveness and almost casual application of sexual insults is recognised by these women, as ses the socially constructed nature of such labels. This definition excludes the "genuine" rape victim as she had had no choice in the matter.

By sleeping with lots of people slsgs learn a lot about yourself.

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First, the interviewees slgs all able to describe the stereotyped understanding of a slag as "other. For me, being a slag is a hell of a lot more thrilling and less expensive than skiing. Sexual reputation was a major concern for most of the young women in the Scottish study.