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Slutty mother confessions

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Slutty mother confessions

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Permalink I had an affair 2 years ago with a girl who loved to suck cock. We chatted in a bar one night and the following week she asked me to mothrr over. Before I had even said hello she was undoing my belt buckle, whipping down my jeans and slurping over my cock. We used to meet once or twice a week and eventually she would be waiting at her door in her underwear and blowing me in the hallway before I got my coat off.

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I didn't wait around I just drove home. Now I have no way of knowing what was said about me while I was gone, but all of a sudden Dustin leans over, puts his arm around me and starts tipsily crooning along to the cheesy country music.

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She eventually came out with a differant guy. a few weeks ago on a Saturday. He agreed that with the level of alcohol going down, the situation could only go south, so he and Jeff and Dustin piled in my car and we cruised to Another hole-in-the-wall place around the corner, a bar with pool tables and a jukebox from the seventies. Dad didn't question paternity, but his family and friends did and ragged on my cousin constantly because "there was just no way her son was his because he was too white".

I would get her phone and read their texts. My cousin has two mixed race children.

Confessions of a slutty mom

But I heard this stuff frequently. My mom is So Dustin does the honors, the whole time stating, "Jesus, girl, you are unfucking believeable. And I think but I'm not sure of coarse that while she is telling Dad she is maybe masturebating him. This is all very weird. Mom is a slut This will be long I recently changed bed rooms with my younger twin sisters.

My mother would go into town just about every Friday or Saturady night with her friends. 19 (F): SluttyConfessions.

I arrived back at the bar and Loth actually gave me knuckles for living up to my word. Permalink I had an affair 2 years ago with a girl who loved to suck cock.

Slutty mom

Within seconds, the rest of my clothes were off and Jeff and Dustin were scooted up on either side of me. They owe you answers and some sort of resolution anonymous 2 years ago blackmail her ass to only tell the family later after you fucked all her nother then also blackmail the whole family because you have pictures and you will send it to the entire family if they don't do whatever you wanted, then laugh ha ha ha ha ha ha cough haaaaaaaaa cough that was the evil laugh you did after you got whatever you wanted then anonymous 2 years ago My uncle used to fuck my mom.

Slutty mom I'm a 23 year old guy. I wouldn't abandon you! I promise, I'll be back. I found her and the mens pickup truck outside of a motel.

I drove right to that same bar and could see her car. She divorced my dad when I was about She would let me come in her mouth, in her pussy, over her tits and ass.


Events seemed slow there. I of course assumed nothing was ever going to go on with HIM. We used to meet once conressions twice a week and eventually she would be waiting at her door in her underwear and blowing me in the hallway before I got my coat off. It is hard to tell what they are saying though the vents. She's already. I swung back to the bar and asked Jeff to tell Loth confessionw come out to the car.

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There was a couple in the front seat; Tess and Cody, and a couple of guys who were really cute and already half drunk by the looks of it - Dustin and Jeff. We piled in her car - Jeff had to crawl in the way back of the SUV - and smoked up, then went and picked up beer and went to Tess's house.

I am guessing this by what is being said and the noisses he is making. My mofher worked at night time when my uncle sneaked into bed with her.

They got into his car but didn't drive away. My mom asked if i was sure that my kid was really my ex's. This time I let her a get a longer head start. You were born an original, don't die a copy. Finally he leans over and asks me, "Do I have a pretty mouth? When I was very quite at night I could hear my mother telling my father about sex with other men. Jother would stay at home. As soon as Tess was out of hearing range, the tipsy Cody leaned close to me and started telling me how gorgeous I was and how he'd love to fuck me.

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I'm pretty sure the bathroom had typhoid. Unfortunately, not only was my crotch soaked from his foreplay - which amazed him - but in the wrestling about a beer got spilled on my leg.

Both of them looked down, looked up at me in wonder, and exclaimed some version of "Fuck yeah! I'm beginning to be so proud of my whore skills. I recently went through court regarding custody of one of my. Story about me growing up 35m Me and my sister were molested by a step father and his family for years and she my sister molested me till I was about Its part of the reason I am a redhead now. In my new bed room I discovered I could hear through the heating vents what was going on in my parents bed room.

Jeff eventually asked if i was feeling good, which I was, then just said, "I feel good too. It really turns me on to think about this. I find myself wondering when it changed and became socially acceptable to essentially ask who you're screwing to have kids that don't quite look like anyone in the fam.