Snipping Tool Shortcut Windows 10


Snipping Tool is a great tool to capture screenshot especially partial screenshot to make the shot a part of a training or presentation. However, this is not as easy as the Print Screen button as this is just one press away. But Print Screen button has its limitations in the way that it can only take full screen shot that need to be cropped in another step. Therefore, we normally use Snipping Tool to capture partial screenshot. Now many people face additional step of opening this app. This can be avoided by following the below mentioned steps:

How to create a shortcut to Snipping Tool:

First search the Snipping Tool under search tab of Windows explorer or my computer:

Select the Snipping Tool icon and press right click button to open the properties.

Here you will find the Short cut key entry option. Now you can define any shortcut key here.

Click the Shortcut Key space and press any shortcut you want to set. Here in this example we have set Ctrl+F12 key to open the Snipping Tool. Now check this by closing the Snipping Tool and reopening the app by pressing Ctrl+F12.

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