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Tetris variations

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Tetris variations

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And there's no wrong in saying that those games were more enjoyable for us than PUBG today. But with time, the joy that we used to get while playing those games variationz faded and we are only left with their memories. Even today if we play those games, it will definitely freshen our childhood days. But you'll get bored after playing their certain rounds.

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Once three are stacked, the pieces disappear and reveal the layer below. But you'll notice it's the original that still endures. Wild card pieces, power-ups and a limited ability to slide pieces over the surface of the sphere all help with this task. Although technology has certainly advanced in 25 years, gameplay really hasn't changed much at all. Variatjons using the L and R buttons, or the right D-pad, the screen shifts a block left or right respectively.

With each increasing stage, the game gets harder and it becomes really tough to win the game. Group Description.

The quick 10 variations on tetris

I can tell you that my cell phone version of Tetris definitely got me through boring lectures in college on multiple occasions. If regular Tetris was just too simple for you, even at level 50, then GrandMaster may have been up your alley. As the name suggests, the theme of the game is set inside a four-walled well and the blocks can fall from any of the four variatinos. Please do not use their images as references for a U.

Each block that fell had an element of a face on it and you had to stack the pieces that went together to make the whole face go away and get points. It was just like Tetris but with different dimensions.

We all use to savor the game on our Nintendo players and this is what this variation let us do. Sounds easy?

After fully completing any of the lines, an explosion will take place that will make most of the blocks disappear. It is not to be confused teteis the similar Virtual Boy title 3D Tetrisas the two games are entirely different. You have to merge the similar tiles as we do in Give the correct direction to the falling block and try to complete the possible lines.

5 cool tetris variations you can play

And there's no wrong in saying that those games were more enjoyable for us than PUBG today. Once you have stacked five similar caps, they disappear and your score increases more and more.

The same is the case with its tettis and their functionality. Tetris Geek No one can stop our very own game Tetris Geek to get into the list of the best Tetris variations. Welltris Welltris is the hardest Tetris variation that one can play. Or do you have fond memories of playing Tetris for days on end? Final Words No original game can be enjoyed for a long time and their new versions and variations have to tstris introduced.

Best variations of tetris available online

Tetris Plus included a little professor guy that you needed to get to the bottom of the screen. Tetris Blast can be considered as one of the most addictive versions of the retro Tetris game. Picture the de-a-disaster element from Sim City and there you have it. But the tiles are falling from above as the blocks fall in Tetris. Hatris Instead of matching the blocks and completing the lines, how about matching the hats?

Tetris: The GrandMaster was for serious variqtions only.


Well, Hatris actually is an interesting game and you'll surely enjoy it. I had no idea this existed and now I'm pretty sure I have to have it. But do you know what's more fun and addictive? The beauty is in its simplicity. The falling blocks rest at the surface of the well and you have to complete the line with the blocks in order to make it disappear.

But the twist in the game is that each falling block contains at least one bomb. In an added "Fight" mode, there are creatures that traverse the constantly changing 'terrain' of the play field and try to hinder the player from clearing the screen of blocks. The object of the game is to reveal the core in the center of the sphere which is actually a torus as seen through a fisheye perspective. This is where the new versions and variations help us out in maintaining the same joy forever.

Check it out for yourself.

V-Tetris is mostly the same as the original Tetris games, the only difference being the cylindrical puzzle mode in which blocks could be placed in a 3-D spiral. Well, that's not the case. Their story is a little more convoluted than that, but that's the drift. Tetris was the original falling block puzzle game and therefore any such game can be considered a variant. Use falling Tetriminos to completely yetris horizontal lines in order to execute Line Clears. And if all the four walls get overlapped by even a single block, you lose the game.

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If the player doesn't clear blocks fast enough they lose tetros life, and if they lose three, the game is over. Share in the comments! Unlike traditional Tetris however, the line won't immediately disappear. Tetris variants. Once you reach the block, you win the game.

The blend of both the games. Just play them online and don't forget to share your experience with these new Tetris variations.

List of tetris variants

In case the plain old blocks were a little too dull for you, Hatris provided you with the opportunity to stack different types of hats instead. This classic Tetris game is deed like the original version of Tetris and you have to play it on the exact same Nintendo player. Variatiojs Tetris Theme has become synonymous with Tetris. The highest level wasat which point the player achieved the GrandMaster status. Players get to choose between saltwater and freshwater and could originally download fish bundles for 62 cents each.

To achieve this, you need to stack similarly shaped pieces on top of each other.

The game can be considered as the Tetris game with 3D looks. The game is quite hard as the two hats fall at the same time and it's really hard to manage both of them at ones. Tetris Worlds included tetfis backstory about a planet called Hadar 4, objects called Tetrions and little beings called Minos. Play any iteration of the game, and you're bound to hear one of the many variations of.