Turn Off Automatic Updates In Windows 10


How many times you have started your PC having Windows 10 and PC starts installing the latest downloaded updates? This is probably become irritation when you are in a hurry to send an important email or to show an important presentation or about to printing out some important and urgent documents. In this situation Windows Updates would definitely develop a temptation in your heart to through the PC to the wall when it was urgently needed.


How to turn it off?
So, are you thinking of the possible solution to this problem? Or have tried to find the solution by scrolling under Control Panel and didn’t find any solution. Now you don’t have to bear this problem anymore as there is a solution to this problem that you can do yourself without having technical or configuration knowledge about PC.


Steps to turn off windows updates:
Follow these steps for turning off the automatic windows updates:

Go to Control Panel

Press System and Security function

Now Press Administrative Tools option

Now under Administrative Tool area Double click Services icon


Now under this window find Windows update option


Select Windows update option and press Right Click on Windows Update option. Now open the Properties.


The Properties menu will appear. Now open the Startup Type Drop Down menu under this menu.


Select Disabled button and save the properties.

Now Windows Updates will no more create hassle for you especially during critical situations. Thank you for reading the blog. For any queries mention below under comment section.

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