Using Smartphone at Night


Smartphone Brightness Comparison:

Do you know that smartphone light especially that emitting from LCD screen such as old of IPhones may damage your eyes while using in dark?  You might be wondering that why LCD is considered here. This is because LCD has backlight always on during the use whereas LED screen just power those pixels that are bright while keeping the dark pixels less or not powered. Therefore, LED’s are generally considered safe for your eyes as compared to LCD’s. Additionally, these are power efficient as well and lighter on batteries.

Get rid of smartphone addiction during night:

It might be difficult getting rid of your smartphone from you during night or under sleep hours. So, what is the solution to this? The first solution is the built in feature of reducing brightness or in advanced smartphones there is another feature of turning blue light off that turns off the harmful blue light. However, most common concern that has been observed by many smartphone users is that even reducing the brightness to the minimum level the brightness became still not lower enough to make use of smartphone without harming the eyes. Additionally, Blue light turn off feature is also not available to all the smartphones. Now how to cope up with this issue?

Night Mode App:

So, users don’t have to worry about their eyes anymore. There are many applications out there in Google Play Store that can resolve this matter. These applications are generally named as Night Mode, Night Screen or Blue Light Filter. These apps enable the smartphone to turn off the blue light or reduce the brightness to the level below the limit allowed by Smartphones Operating Systems.

We will discuss one app here for elaborating such a productive feature. This app is available on Google Play Store with Blue Light Filter name. Now you are wondering why we recommend downloading this app? This is only because we have tested this app and we have chosen to test this app because it has 5 million downloads and 4.7 rating.

App Features:

It has two main features; First feature is that it has Blue Light intensity adjuster, so that you can manually adjust how much reduction of blue light is suitable depending on the darkness. Secondly, and more importantly it has screen brightness dimmer that can reduce the brightness to the level not adjustable by smartphone built in software. Additionally, there are bonus features as well in terms of seven modes that are predefined by the application developer. And another bonus feature is Timer feature that automatically turns on and off night mode depending on the time range you defined from a 24-hour day. We hope this app may help you to cope with brightness issue while using your phone at night. If you know any other good application, please mention this in the comment section below.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and download the application from the following link:
The link is

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