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Violet clark black francis

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Violet clark black francis

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He now has a new project with his wife Violet Clark. Great even. They go by the name Grand Duchy, and their debut album Petits Fours came out a couple months ago, pretty much under the radar. I was able to snag them for a few minutes to answer some questions over .

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Everyone has baggage.

BYT: Are you worried the kids are getting into trouble with mom and dad gone? But in hindsight that breathing room made the record better.

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Violet: Francus definitely came up consciously in our minds. That night wasn't the first time Clark had looked. He was suggested to us by an associate and because we were feeling very experimental, we just gave him a couple songs. I feel, kind of, obligated to give it my best effort.

Black francis

We were watching this interview with [Brit singer-songwriter] Baxter Dury, where he was talking about the title of his new record, Happy Soup. BYT: Is it only the two of you playing on the record?

Maybe you can wear those outfits when you play live. I pursued them. And even with our name, you know, this royal thing, or the royal connotation… Frank: Obviously, [the band name] is very tongue and cheek.

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See media help. Is it a collaborative effort on the songwriting? But it does negatively affect a relationship. In Septembera new album entitled Bluefinger was released under his former stage name of Black Francis. It's a recording of a performance, of a real performance between a group of people, an entourage, a band, as opposed to a facsimile of that, which is frequently what people do with multi-track recording Since leaving American, Black has avoided long-term contracts with labels, and has maintained ownership of his album masters, licensing each album individually for release.

Stephen's Violt. In the end it's probably a better record for it. The photographer was concerned with the lighting, but not at all concerned clrk what we looked like or what poses or expression our faces were making. In the fall ofThompson began his first solo tour sincetaking Feldman, Billy Block, and Duane Jarvis along as his backing band. To clatk the album, the band undertook a European tour, during which Thompson met Eric Drew Viloet[27] a later collaborator on Pixies and solo albums.

Thompson was also working on more new solo material with Feldman in the first part ofsome of which they performed live.

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We stopped at the mall with our kids, and I got this little black hat. They go by the name Grand Duchy, and their debut album Petits Fours came out a couple months ago, pretty much under the radar. Satanwhich was released the following year. Thompson wrote and sang on all the tracks, with the exception of the single " Gigantic ," which was co-written and sung by Deal.

Hey franciis

Cute couple: an interview with frank black & violet clark of grand duchy

When we lock into the first and the sound is good. Violet: I come from an art history background.

He's an alt-rock and indie legend: Charles Thompson, aka Frank Black, aka Black Francis, the bald-headed and snarling frontman for The. Frank: No, not really. Frsncis was kind of championing our stuff. He was later released and performed that night in Vicar Street as planned. They're really just revolting.

Violet: We have subjects. For some reason Violet had a black ace bandage around vkolet knee—we just had this stupid get-up. When he came back between tours I tried to give him the same freedom, so there was less direct overlap of ideas.

The children can come in the studio and hang out with us. Violet: You tell me… Well, this album sounds really fun! I get it.

Fuse friday q&a: grand duchy’s frank black & violet clark

Although Charles Thompson is known for many things, playing a supporting role isn't one of them: He's been Black Francis in the Pixies, Frank. The Quietus opens the conversation with the contentious point. I want a gallery show where we blow up the pictures to about 50 feet tall and pick the worst pictures. A lot of my heroes are artists and a lot of my musical heroes have an artistic side, like David Byrne and David Bowie.

Trompe le Monde includes the song "U-Mass," which was written about the university he attended as a youth, and due to the keyboard part played by Feldman, ified a move away from the band's alternative rock sound. Do people get nervous on how they should address you? She always has a whole bunch of stuff in her head. Thompson is Frank Black or Black Francis the frontman for the influential rock band the Pixies. Thompson currently lives in Frrancis, Massachusettsand is married to Violet Clark, his second wife, with whom he has three children, along with her violeh children from relationships.

The later Pixies albums were characterized by Thompson's blxck influence on the band's output, as well as a focus on science fiction vikletincluding aliens and UFOs.