What does Black Friday mean (History)?

History of Black Friday:
As technology is advancing the pattern of purchasing of the customers are also changing from traditional buying to online ordering. In this regard many online customers are obtaining the advantage of this day (i.e. Black Friday) through availing significant discounts particularly regarding online shopping. There are some other names as well that are being used to denote this day as well such as White Friday, Blessed Friday, Orange Friday (i.e. Xiaomi used this).  However, do any of us actually know that what is the history that is associated with this Black Friday term? Well this term is used as an informal name for the day following the Thanksgiving Day in the United States (which is Fourth Thursday of November). This day had normally been regarded as the start of the holiday season and beginning of the country’s Christmas Season since 1952. That is the reason many business allows a good discount to their customers over the merchandise they are selling on this day.

Sales made during that Friday:
However the emergence of ecommerce sector has added another importance to this day and the day following next day (i.e. Black Friday). According to Adobe Thanksgiving day online sales made a record by accumulating a massive sale of $2.87 billion. This is a massive rise in online sales for the day as in the last year Thanksgiving sales totaled around $1.93 billion constituting a whopping rise of around 50%.

Amazon as well reported around 50% rise in online sales from last year on Thanksgiving Day. However, this has to be take into account that this sale also includes the share of Early-Access deals that Amazon was offering for those shopping using its Alexa voice based assistant.

Sales Statistics:
Analyzing the website traffic during this day revealed that there has been major decline in desktop online sales that turned out to 57.2% as compared 64.5% in the last year. Here tablets figure should also be considered as its share in online sales has also been declining because it constitutes only 12.5% from total web traffic which was around 19.5% last year. Among total online sales on that day 34% of these are coming from Smartphone – Reported by IBM.

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