Why Apple Did Not Launch iPhone 9


Do Seven ate Nine…???

No one was expecting the launch of iPhone X this year as this launch broken the sequence the of the Apple’s legacy iPhone number range that started from iPhone 3G and 3GS. So what do you think the reason of the launch of iPhone X before iPhone 9? There are many statements that are spreading over the internet about this change such as if “Seven ate Nine” or whether “Ten ate Nine”.

Why did Apple Skip Nine…???

The reason behind this unexpected launch is that 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and therefore release of the iPhone X is to mark that Special occasion. And that could also become the reason of Apple bringing revolutionary change to its iPhones range through the launch of Edge to Edge display phone. Now it is probable that Apple might not launch iPhone 9 and broken the series to mark the special event. Considering if Apple decided to not to break the series then the company would have had to release 3 new iPhone models this September i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone 9 and iPhone X.

Prices of new iPhones:

So, are you thinking of grabbing one these iPhones this year? Then you can have the phones with following price tag:

  • iPhone 8 >  $699
  • iPhone 8 Plus >  $799
  • iPhone X >  $999

Deciding between iPhone 8 and iPhone X:

Considering the price tag of iPhone X, it become difficult to decide whether to pay $200 extra over iPhone 8 (that is also a latest release) for losing a security feature that we are used to from the release of iPhone 5S. Yes the feature that has been removed from iPhone X is the Finger Print Scanner. Instead of Finger ID, Apple has launched Face ID. Many people are discussing that a bonus security feature of Face ID, instead of removing Finger ID, could smoothen the process of changing the way for unlocking our device. But yes it all depends on the choice of the Smartphone users.

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