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Wifes first bull

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Wifes first bull

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She was younger than me by five years and at first we were just workmates, then after a few months and some banter and a few after work drinks she considered me a friend. After a few more months and then a night out where everyone drank quite a bit too much she ended up at my place for what turned out to be some damn good sex.

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My wife ed in by slapping my caged cock and savagely digging her sharp nails into my balls. The bull laughed and replied. She pulled her lingerie right off and spread her legs as wide as she could for him, almost having another orgasm at the sight of the dominant muscular naked black bull in front of her and her loving, submissive beta dirst hovering off to the side with the camera.


· Cuckold. I moaned and thrust my hips up and right at the point of no return I begged her to slap my balls. Bulk wife frowned at me. I knew his cock was in her throat and I wished I could look but I couldn't get distracted, I moved my mouth to her vagina, french kissing her stretched open hole as I pushed my tongue deep inside her.

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I let her know she could do whatever she liked, she was up for it and got off a lot by abusing me, she almost got up the courage to piss on my face but was too embarrassed after she said she wanted to. As her orgasm subsided she rolled off him, barely able to move.

Being quite a bit more experienced than her I've got a nice, above average qifes dick and I know how to use it I spent a long time at the teasing foreplay stage with her, until she begged me to fuck her, then I fucked her all night turns out being a porn addict makes it hard to cum during normal sex. After a few more months and then a night out where everyone drank quite a bit too much she ended up at my place for what turned out to be some damn good sex.

I told her when I was about to cum of course and she pulled the big black dildo out of her pussy and beat my cock and balls with it pretty hard as I orgasmed. We married just over two years rirst we met and things didn't slow down at all, they got even hotter when she confessed she was an exhibitionist and started spending most of her time wearing short skirts with no underwear. We fucked almost constantly and it wasn't long before she knew almost all my secrets and had me coming to work in her panties with a butt plug in, making me wear a chastity cage with the key around her neck when we went out together.

He pulled virst upper body up and roughly grabbed both of her tits and fucked her hard, kneading and pinching her sensitive nipples, putting his mouth on her neck and sucking and biting as he abused her delicate body more viciously than he had at any time up to this point. Watch My Wife Have Her First Bull video on xHamster, the biggest sex tube site with tons of free Free Mobile Bull Free & Youtube porn movies! He cried out.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, suddenly everything she had been saying about him breeding her, him cumming in her womb, him saying her womb belonged to him made more sense. My heart raced and my cock strained in its cage, she asked if I was turned on, even though she knew the answer, and I had to say yes, I was real fucking turned on. It was so fucking hot to take pics of her to share, and she got off hard reading the comments guys left on our social media profiles while I ate her out and told her she was a goddess.

I had never thought I could cum without direct stimulation but my hot blood was pumping hard and fast through my groin, my cock strained against its cage with every beat and all of a sudden my legs felt weak and my head spun, I almost collapsed, falling down to my knees. One night about three weeks before our first anniversary she said she had something to confess and she put me in my cage and made me put on some panties and sat on my face while she told me she had been messaging one guy in particular that she found super hot.

I love you, I love you so much more than my husband. My heart stopped and my stomach dropped but also, my cock throbbed hard in its cage.

My wife thinks i’m gay, and she might be right!

She looked more sexy and beautiful than I had ever seen her and I told her so, she grinned and said. He ordered me to kneel back at the foot of the bed again and from there I had an explicit view of his black ass, sagging balls and long hard cock with the top couple of inches in my wife's mouth. She grinned and grabbed her legs and pulled them up to her chest.

Watch all featured wife have her first bull XXX vids right now. Lizzy looked over at me and introduced him. His huge sagging balls were slapping against her with every thrust and the hot wet sound of their sex was amazing. I made sure the camera caught the explicit moment his big thick black penis penetrated my wife's vagina for the first time, her swollen wet pussy lips stretched around his cock as he pushed in several inches and pulled back out.

Oh God yes please cum inside me again Jamal I want your baby inside me!

Wife’s first time with a black bull

With my face inches from his washboard abs thrusting back and forth into my wife he said again it was my turn to please him. Wkfes was incredibly arousing to know when he left he was going to leave lo of his sperm inside my wife and was going to tread mine into the dirt outside.

I felt the pressure of his cock pushing down my throat, the choking sensation passing quickly as his penis was shoved so deep in my throat I couldn't even gag. I know the wait for her to return must have seemed like hours but still it was reactionary. My wife collapsed under me and I obeyed, willingly moving forward and letting this black bull shove his rock hard cock into my wide open mouth. My wife was giving her black bull a blowjob more skilful and intense than she had ever given me and it was only a few minutes before he moaned loudly.

I always do and for an hour or so she just cried and complained, saying she loved him and how could he but also complaining that he was like all the other guys in bed, just wanting to get his dick in ASAP and get it off.

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My caged cock throbbed incredibly powerfully in its cage and I moaned wifea around the flesh of Jamal's cock down my throat. He said he was thirsty and ordered me to go get him a drink, my wife asked for some juice with a smirk and slapped my ass hard as I turned to leave in my panties and cage. She looked straight at me and the camera and smiled as she fucked him like this, then he bent her backwards over him.

The bull got up on to his knees, his dominating black form towering over my petite wife's convulsing body. Then the bull took out his phone said smile vull took a picture of us.

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She grinned at me. My wife yelped. Check out featured wife have her first bull porn videos on xHamster. You fuck rirst much better than him!Rough Anal Double Penetration Bull Dominating Wife First Time If You're upornia, rough, dominance, anal sex, dp, milf, 8 months ago.

wifex My wife smiled at me and winked. Jamal roared that I was a fucking pathetic cuck and my wife was a worthless whore as he continued to abuse us both. It wasn't very late yet and our neighbourhood is very open, I was hoping to god noone saw us as I followed them up to the front door, especially as they made out while I unlocked the door to let us in.

My wife have her first bull

She had my pillow under her hips to hold her ass up a little bit, I knew this was so she could keep her black bulls sperm deep inside her for longer. I couldn't believe how much I got off from the abuse, every stinging whip from her leather belt sent waves of pleasure up and down my body.

Elizabeth began rhythmically working my balls, slapping them then stroking them softly then clawing them with her nails. My wife cried out with pleasure from the pressure of her stretched white vagina taking all ten inches of his black penis in one thrust. You want that? Fuck me till it hurts, then fuck me more.

After that she couldn't stop coming back. I finished firsst dinner and we ate and were going to bed when she got a text. Turned on and humiliated I said that I did, I wanted to see it and I knew she needed it He told me to go get the camera again then told my wife wfies show how much she needed black dick.

He stood up and he was tall, and broad, and muscular, and wifez handsome. My swollen cock and balls caused me some pain but it only added to the pleasure, I was still incredibly turned on, my heart raced and pumped more blood through my bkll and swelling genitals and the combination of pleasure and pain made me double over a little bit. She lingered with her mouth on his before backing away and gesturing towards me.